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Ecological Framework of Canada

Further Reading

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Based on the Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada (Wiken, 1986), this series was developed by State of the Environment Directorate staff of Environment Canada to capture the representative elements of each ecozone using an artistic depiction and providing descriptive text.

Artwork was done under contract by William J. Johnson of Fine Art Studio, London, Ont.

Most of the text was written by Environment Canada staff--Harry Hirvonen, Ed Wiken, Ian Marshall, Wayne Bond and many others. Sources of information came from a number of organizations including other government departments, universities, non-governmental groups and consultants.

Final copy editing was done by West Hawk Associates in Ottawa.

Information and reviews were provided by the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA).

Design of the poster was completed by Accurate Design and Communication Inc. of Nepean, Ontario.